No Frills Flyer - 06/18-06/24/2020 (Page 2)

haul canadian canadian grower feature bayshore vegetable shippers laitue en feuilles verte ou rouge foodland grado made it their mission to produce high quality green or red leaf company has become known for harvesting leafy and provide that excellent produce directly to nofrills or 1.44 ea produced foodland ontario naturally imperfect naturally imperfect naturellement imparfaits potatoes pommes de terre drugavpro no name naturally imperfect russet potatoes pommes de terre russel no name® naturally imperfect whole white mushrooms product of ontario champignons blancs entiers produced comesa foodland mini ontario these farmer's market mini mixed potatoes mini pommes de terre mélangées english cucumbers concombres anglais or.94 ea produced here foodland foodland ontario ontario tresli rutabagas product of ontario canada no.1 grade rutabagas farmer's market yellow onions no.1 grade oignons jaunes bean sprouts product of canada germes de soja or 1.44 ea produced ee from iplement bon made here original black diamond free from wa hulian donces haliennes puk sweats sans de cheddar slices calcium pc free from sausages saucisses black diamond process cheese product selected varieties produit de fromage fondu no cani

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