No Frills Flyer - 04/16-04/22/2020 (Page 2)

fresh is not a frill red seedless grapes green seedless grapes raisins rouges ou verts blueberries or raspberries no.1 grade bleuets ou framboises natucelente foodland contacto avde farmer's market" mandarins product of morocco mandarines yellow sweet peppers product of ontario ou jounes whole seedless watermelon no name naturally imperfect avocados melon d'eau ou dvocats foodland ontario broccoli crowns roma tomatoes couronnes de brocoli ou tomates golden delicious apples or fuji apples product of ontario canada fancy grade pommes golden delicious ou fuji farmer's market yellow onions product of ontario or carrots no.1 grade oignons jaunes ou carottes sobique lance farmer's market grape tomatoes product of u.s.a tomates raisins organic english cucumber product of canada conada no.1 grade concombre anglais organics baby spinacho field greens product of u.s.a légumes-feuilles organics romaine hearts product of u.s.a coeurs de romaine get superfood sections eaty eaty mart pts smart sweet chou tris doux eat smart green quinoa dess strony harvest note de frases for every $10 spent on eat smart salad kits celebration alts no artificial flours or colou chins nutri grain kool aid welch kellogg's nutri-grain rice krispies squares special k bars or pop-tarts sunny do mott's garden cocktail 1.89 l o welchs grape juice weleded variables boissons ou jus no name real bacon bits leclerc celebration cookies solead verit mites de bacon nfo2

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