No Frills Flyer - 10/15-10/21/2020 (Page 11)

happy diwali foodland ontario andy boy farmer's market red onions oignons rouges product of u.s.a rapini foodland ontario bunch mint product of ontario or cilantro product of u.s.a menthe ou coriandre en botte methi leaf product of ontario épinards ou fenugrec en botte optimum garlic and donne long eggplant opo squash product of dominican republic aubergine longue ou calebasse garlic product of china ail ginger root product of china or okra product of u.s.a racine de gingembre ou gombo kar almonds amandescreen εα red mango product of brazil coconuts product of guyana mangue rouge ou noix de coco bunch spinach épinards reddi bulk raw almonds amandes crues bigger 15 pack الادا لعيد suraj roti original originale naan gedual naturi suraj naan bread pain naan crispy pound cake selected varieties quatre-quarts crispy roti original or whole wheat roti available at select locations only nfo et

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