No Frills Flyer - 08/06-08/12/2020 (Page 4)

pes fresh is not a frill foodland foodland ontario ontario whole seedless watermelon product of ontario melon d'eau entier sans pépins sweet peppers product of ontario pineapple product of costa rica anangs bartlett pears royal gala apples product of chile poires bartlett ou pommes commend foodland ontario moni cucumber mon concom blackberries product of u.s.a müres farmer's market mini cucumbers product of ontario canada no.1 grade mini-concombres optimum pis roasted peanuts arachides grillées red mango case product of mexico caisse de mangues rouges no name peanuts product of u.s.a green onions product of canada oignon vert arachides optimum organic organic organic organic let kombucha kombucha remedy organic ginger lemon or raspberry lemonade kombucha product of australia kombucha citron ou framboise ou gingembre bio organics baby organics blueberries product of u.s.a bleuets spinach of spring mix product of u.s.a jeunes épinards ou mélange printanier organic avocados product of mexico avocats biologiques chewy chocolate have tendres dipped org chocochip www enrobées de choco orange juice bbq thai real canadian natural spring water 4 lor arizona iced tea 458 ml selected varieties eau de source naturelle ou the glace no name frozen kraft no name no name concentrated bbq sauce english muffins granola bars orange juice selected varieties selected varieties selected varieties 283 ml 6's jus d'orange concentré souce barbecue muffins anglais barres granola surgelé nfo4

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