No Frills Flyer - 04/02-04/08/2020 (Page 2)

fresh is not a frill roma tomatoes no.1 grade tomates roma beets or rutabagas betteraves ou rutabagas red seedless grapes green seedless grapes raisins rouges ou verts broccoli crowns eggplant or green zucchini ealb foodland ontar honeydew product of guatemala or honduras or mini seedless watermelon product of guatemala or mexico melon-miel ou mini-melon d'eau farmer's market yellow onions product of ontario canada no.1 grade oignons jaunes farmer's market grapefruit product of turkey pamplemousses wonderful foodland ontario soih naturan pat ach name epos pista no name naturally imperfect apples product of ontario pommes pc baby spinach or spring mix product of u.s.a légumes-feuilles wonderful roasted salted pistachios pistaches rôles et salées easter lily lis de poques organic organic organic organics biologique onun pek carrots carottes osong product of canada produit du caibada pcⓡ organics carrots product of u.s.a carottes organic celery hearts product of u.s.a coeurs de celeri pcⓡ organics sweet peppers product of canada or mexico poivrons doux toru dessert boyardes beefaroni aylmer calccents reddi-bulk snacks selected vorieties collations sunrise tofu chef boyardee selected vores or bari aylmer accents grated romano tomatoes 540 ml parmesan cheese 80g selected vorieties dessert ou tou ou fromage rapid poles outomaties yoplait yop protein shake smoothie danone creamy yogurt 45 electie varieties free & clear sparkling water wached varieties 11 copiilole

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