No Frills Flyer - 07/09-07/15/2020 (Page 4)

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kefir probiotique haulo canadian we at nofrills are proud to be canadian next time you're in our stores produced here made here from domestic and imported ingredients and know that when you shop canadian at nofrills made here made here cavendish premium fries frites de choix astro yogourt selected varieties yogourt cavendish restaurant style astro original balean yor turu natural yosourt bulls-eye bbq selected varieties souce bbq made here produced vare prime used on canadian busvage canadien prime pisod on canadian dilevage canadien bulis-eye bulis-eye barris guinness boricia prime fresh chicken selected varieties poulet schneiders lunchmate stackers or kits trousses-repas unch made here nate made were schneiders bologna bologne schneiders smoked sausage duos saucisses fumées give a little help a lot® give back to your community by donating $2 when you pay for your groceries nfo can

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