No Frills Flyer - 07/22-07/28/2021 (Page 4)

hat summer haul tarmers takit lemons delces citrons optimum pineapple ananas cherries farmer's market lemons cerises ou citrons consen ider green or red seedless grapes raisins sans pépins verts ou raisins rouges sans pépins roma tomatoes farmer's market mini carrots coch product of canada or u.s.a lomates roma ou carottes miniatures baby-cut miniatures douden doces farmer's market yellow onions product of canada or u.s.a oignons jaunes ruby roses farmer's market" baking pcⓡ little gems or yellow pommes de terre au four ou mini-pommes de terre yellow nectarines or peaches product of u.s.a nectarines ou pêches a chair jaune pcⓡ baby spinach or spring mix product of u.s.a wos jeunes épinards ou mélange printanier erros pcⓡ coleslaw product of u.s.a salade de chou ou jardinière limes product of mexico limes at 1 lb clamshell basse foodland organic organic organic maintain peak du sommet clamshell pc organics whole cremini or white mushrooms product of ontario champignons cremini ou blancs entiers that organic blackberries raspberries strawberries produd of usa res ou framboises biologiques ou frobes mera organic cauliflower product of canada or thou-flew biologique basse snack mix selected varieres get pts insufferings met dets podared prime time prime time cementines farmer's market clementines avocados broccoli grein or red peppers product of south africa produd de mexico produd al conade product of usa mexico

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