No Frills Flyer - 07/02-07/08/2020 (Page 8)

natural foods organic organic oricsblokada roma pc organics bananas product of colombia honduras or ecuador bananes isbn reco pcⓡ organics roma tomatoes product of mexico tomates roma club size produced lere mplemene won pork pure pc free from chicken drumsticks or thighs fresh pilons ou houts de cuisse de poulet pcⓡ free from pork side ribs côtes de flanc de porc made here pcⓡ organics bread selected varieties organics biologique pain wote blanc bacon pc free from bacon toss ss selected varieties bacon organ10 biologiqu annies club pack - format club clie kid organic gram bunny grahams pc organics quinoa club pack quinoa chocolate chip brisures de chocolat quinoa annie's organic snack selected varieties barres avaval or clif nut butter selected varieties barres eclif nut butter pcⓡ organics milk selected varieties lait bar larabar homo peanut butter cola kettle brand potato chips selected varieties croustilles brand potato chips croustilles no sugar no ar sea salt sel marin 8x355 lcns zevila zero calorie soda zevia zero calorie soda selected varieties boissons gazeuses nfo nat val available at select locations only

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