No Frills Flyer - 02/04-02/10/2021 (Page 2)

haulo canadian we at nofrills® are proud to be canadian made here next time you're in our stores from domestic and imported ingredients produced here produced here tomer indosat foodland ontario carrots carottes farmer's market yellow potatoes pommes de terre jaunes farmer's market™ carrots carottes produced here made here cobblestone farms air chilled whole chicken fresh poulet entier back ribs bbq sauce cotes levees de dos cobblestone pork back ribs or chicken drumsticks côtes levées de dos de porc ou pilons de poulet made here made here black diamond or cracker barrel or black diamond natural cheese sticks 12's selected varieties fromage pc® salsa selected varieties salsa qabla cracker barrel salsa medium tincter from alapeno plouante produced were produced here produced were lehet medium ground beef boeuf hache clean chee ground beef boeuf haché wa maigre negeri extra lean ground beef boeuf hache rama extra-maigre medium ground beef boeuf haché mi-maigre extra lean ground beef lean ground beef boeuf haché maigre boeuf haché extra maigre won't be beatⓡ ® look for "wont be beat" slogan throughout our store and on some of your favourite items so that you don't forget canadian nfo can

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