No Frills Flyer - 11/12-11/18/2020 (Page 3)

we get fresh blackberries roma tomatoes 4.34 kg müres ou tomates roma broccoli celery or iceberg lettuce brocoli ou céleri ou laitue iceberg farmers market delces mandarin mandarines navel oranges product of south africa oranges navel english cucumbers bartlett pears extra fancy grade concombres anglais ou poires bartlett farmer's market mandarins product of chile mandarines pint blueberries product of peru or bleuets mini seedless watermelon mini-melon d'eau sans pépins pomegranate product of u.s.a grenade tonal lemons dos citrons back dy fact foodland otel ontario cremini lowe no name naturally imperfect mixed peppers product of mexico poivrons doux variés farmer's market lemons product of south africa bleuets pcⓡ organics whole white or cremini mushrooms product of ontario champignons organic organic avocados product of mexico avocats biologiques organic cauliflower product of u.s.a chou-fleur biologique tropicals assorted varieties plante tropicale purchase all four products* isan olanos get that bude hond word deepcom dobila od nfo pro

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