Oceans Flyer - 05/31-06/06/2019 (Page 3)

meat & fish fresh easy-cook boneless beef top butt steak 新鲜一级嫩牛梅州 frozen cut-up fryers duck 冰鲜一级嫩鸭 fresh boneless pork loin fie aaa easy coor no.1 noi save $2.10 sea bass save $3.00 snail save $6.00 snow grouper steak seit atlantic salmon fillet to 19 xerry tlb hot food spicy beef oceans special fried rice soy sauce duck wing fried mixed vegetable sesame chicken 芝麻鸡 deep fried chicken wings 炸鸡翅15pcs order order dim sum deep fried seaweed roll mere order order order order order steamed chicken deep fried savoury potato egg salad with shitake triangle salad 鸡蛋土豆泥 北菇鸡 jock fresh honeydew 新鮮白蜜瓜 pan fried shrimp rice noodle order order sushi order alaska roll bodo order save $1.00 save $2.00 almond cookies country harvest sliced bread series bakery crab roll santosh naan order order for bubble tea strawberry sherbet fresh honeydew peach green tea with popping boba smoothie with soy sauce chicken leg bbq with black jelly 油肌 banana milk h1 75*+ red sausage teb reg $5.75 besë 红肠 rege $2.99 reg $4.79 save $1.00 save $1.76 save $0.80 save $1.50 run

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