Oceans Flyer - 06/14-06/20/2019 (Page 3)

meat & fish fresh lean ground beef sheet fresh pork spare rib centre cut whole king fish 马鲛 fresh beef strip loin steak 新鲜一级的牛肉 vilb no.1 save $2.00 save $3.40 oyster save $5.00 sea bream 银虹 pickerel bc clam 温 bilb fried mixed vegetable honey chicken shanghai noodle tag with prawn spicy beef hot food za spicy chicken gizzard | 麻辣甲剪 fried capelin 99sogas order order order order order order deep fried twisted bean curd skin roll deep fried small fresh garden salad dim sum cruller 2pcs 11€ sesame ball salad we are fjzer vegetable rice roll fresh pineapple order order vegetable california roll #one order bakery wonder bread scones sushi small cream horn for wonder order order bubble tea lychee green tea with jelly matcha sherbet with tapioca heim taro milk tea 芋头奶茶 strawberry banana smoothie with bbq popping boba roasted chicken në m3 regio save $1.60 save $2.06 save $1.50 save $1.00

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