Peavey Mart Flyer - 05/28-06/03/2021 (Page 3)

save $2 save $2 save $3 rade scotts lawn response contains organic slow release scotts lawn response miracle 'n feed vient en aide aux pelouses faibles et clairsemées terreau miracle gro miracle gro miracle gro shake 'n feed 2.04kg enriched with miracle- & vegetables one application gro® plant food to shake shake 'n provides constant grow plants twice as feeding throughout potting mix feed 454g the season directly to soil or d'empotage calcium to help grow high quality fruits & vegetables for gardeners on the ideal for outdoor save $3 harvest save $10 scotts save $10 shake 'n feed high performance grass seed scotts canada harvest goodness turf grass seed 1.5kg turf builder all purpose lowongame grass seed 5kg formulated for canadian lawns that receive a mix of sun scotts turf builder all purpose grass seed this multiple use mixture for sunny & shaded areas is great or reseeding harve harvest pure premium sun shade melange soleilitombre grass seed semence de gazon harvest grass se coateded grass seed & shade exposure reduce scotts helps to weeds west code west west coast seeds oreg sunflower selection may vary by store west coast seeds save $5 save 35% save $10 garant scotts save $1 twee landscape fabric ontrol long handle round mouth shovel 42" hardwood handle mini broadcast edgeguar spreader large format rotary spreader with scotts exclusive edgeguard® technology nature capes scotts nature scapes mulch 42.5l improves soil moisture retention scotts & helps to prevent weeds in the limited to existing save $2 lawn tuy pelouse long handle square mouth shovel save $20 limited to existing inventory no rain checks save $20 orbit 4999 garden ordin enviro world fotoven quali grow lawn soil or garden soil 17kg weed free brass impact tripod sprinkler ideal for large lawns decorative hose stand features 5 prong anchors that easily secures the cement or post holes are hose sold separately rain barrel with overflow insect resistant stainless soil to ideal ph levels earth apples seed seed potatoes 1kg assorted varieties earth precare earth little giant limited to existing inventory no rain checks limited to existing inventory no rain checks jazzy

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