Peavey Mart Flyer - 11/01-11/10/2019 (Page 4)

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farm supplies at your peavey mart attles fubt save $20 thermo-chicken heated pad mandatory heat requirements and later during get chilled will help prevent "pasting" and support save $25 heated poultry waterer waterer with dual heating elements thermostatically freestanding upside down design and bottom plug innovation pet save $46 deluxe superior hen house hi-pro save save premium grains premium grains proudly canadian or agri-blok ca agri-blok wada feeds hi-pro hi-pro feeds rolled oats with molasses cracked corn poultry feed horse blocktm agri blocktm agri blocktm fra top aros garant montana kundred shavines wade from 100% natural softwood canada save $15 bedding fork save $40 steel head with 13" tines and 48" premium farm cart ash handle rubbermaid cotton lead save $6 shavings for bedding legi save $6 flat back bucket save $7 the perfect bucket heatertm up to 16 gallons ice-free using only 80 watts cord safety clip included to keep the cord secure ducker medler save $10 ultimate stock iank deicer ultimate stock tank deicer save $10 sinker heater peaveysart your rural lifestyle store shop online ship to store

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