Pharmaprix Flyer - 12/28-01/03/2020

up to get 2 cineplex movie tickets++ value admit one admit une che entree when you spend $75 or more** on almost anything in the store une entree cineplex cineplex royale tiger max sau douce coca-cola max super soft ultra doux each each coca-cola or pepsi beverages 6 x 710ml selected types where applicable bathroom tissue selected types pc max or royale tiger paper towels selected types lat afterlin 599 reef we limit aerin 599 of week 590 regular lay's nature lays bar-b-q regular original oreo classic classique each christie cookies or crackers selected types & sizes each lay's potato chips 180g selected types each no name selected types after fit 249 post of week 2.40 after lint 3.79 aterimt 149 best of wes149 whol wonder maxwell house spring white red rose source wonder each wonder white or whole wheat bread 500g selected types instant coffee selected types natural spring water unto aferimit 299 ltd after lint 3.99 est of week 199 mit alternt 249 ivory dawn gasur sour frisure ench replacement shakes selected types life brand vitamin products selected types & sizes dish soap selected types after 10.99 rent week 10.99 limit alternt 249 restolle 209 colgate olay oia colgate essentials colgate sensitive each each colgate 360° manual optic white toothpaste selected types colgate total mouthwash selected types olay regenerist facial moisturizers selected types & sizes tui aeratit 3.99 erint 299 new energizer llydra lock aaa energizer each marc anthony hair care products selected types & sizes replenishing shampoo quo beauty cosmetic brushes selected types energizer batteries after mit 7.99 aber mit 11.99

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