Pharmaprix Flyer - 08/03-08/09/2019 (Page 3)

seniors' day 20% save with a pc optimum card on almost all regular priced merchandise drimum see page 6 for details satis original oreo coca-cola pepsi beverages 6x 710m selected types applicable christie cookies o crackers selected types & sons bathroom tissue selected types best of limitalert 349 doritos rede pos only peanuts doumy each selected types kraft peanut butter 750g - lig selected types flon tide laundry detergent softener selected types tem lim alter best of west limit interlinit 5.49 white wonder 4= 6 rolls wonder bounty erch each wonder hamburger buns white whole wheat selected types natural spring water bounty 2 ro- rolo paper towels selected types line ef weet 2.49 limit fete limt 99 test af 539 suncan evaporated derries cup a soup nestea danpelegrino no nane evaporated milk selected types & sizes ech perrier san pellegrind 6330 sparkling water selected types coca-cola pepsi non-carbonated selected types depost & enviro levy where oplicate each linterimt 125 rest of work 35 litter lint 699 of we limitarit best of iams omega-3 des pedigree dog trents selected types & s1205 jamieson vitamins natural health products selected types & sias selected types rest of works of limit t aterimt 3.79 best of week 379 cougate gillette rindur gillette mmaou inice eus sensitive elch colgate sensitive selected types gillette razor 15 selected types each natural instincts nice n easy of root touch-up hair colour selected types limit chint 591 limit inferint 10.39 limit nam 799 olay olay secret premium 1450 ant persprint deodorant selected types olay total effects moisturizers selected types sms each bugis hair care products selected types & sias excludes large sizes lim

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