Quality Foods Flyer - 04/27-05/03/2020 (Page 2)

produce quality authentic mini san marzano mini san marzano authentique village toland goody heavenly villagio marzano er 5$5 british columbia san marzano grape tomatoes vancouver island grown long english cucumbers mexico ataulfo mangoes the world's best green frode giant baby cut carrots mashed + no preservatives georgia vidalia sweet onions ralph's bc's best fresh okanagan royal gala apples 5lb california peaches & cream corn california green giant baby cut carrots quality foods pepper packs instore made per lb for for quality foopy the arginia style sed & peaming mexico red carribbean papaya california fresh cauliflower new zealand honey belle pears trophy virginia style peanuts inspired greens alberta lettuce per lb the flower stand shop online at theflowerstand.qualityfoods.com cinnabar valley island's finest manure premium annuals selected varieties zonal geranium toland good for two tone mug with assorted flowering spring elegance bouquet designs may vary by stores hydrangea annuals selected varieties

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