Quality Foods Flyer - 07/13-07/19/2020 (Page 2)

perib lycopene leader produce quality foods british columbia beefsteak tomatoes washington sweet walla walla onions mexico large fresh hass avocados for island good produce hawall dole gold super sweet pineapple extra large quality fresh hawail dole gold super sweet pineapple cored & ringed long english cucumbers california cut seedless red watermelon california fresh plumcots per per lb role irginia style anted & u.s.a green bell peppers british columbia fresh cherries mexico fresh asparagus trophy virginia style peanuts british columbia westbury farms organic blueberries per lb per lb per lb the flower stand shop online at theflowerstand.qualityfoods.com cyclamen or begonia apricots sunflower apricots are a delicious summertime snack and much more versatile than one slew of different dishes such as chicken perennial selected varieties oriental lily british columbia fresh apricots per lb

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