Quality Foods Flyer - 03/08-03/14/2021 (Page 6)

bakery quality foods hot cross buns are traditionally be enjoyed throughout the year these buns are made of a sweet yeasted dough that's lightly spiced and studded with dried fruit hot cross buns cheese buns alpine bread for mini danish cake donuts calabrese bread for grae grab dats & honey sproute power sproute power suretly power cake centre sa! dats & honey cherry or chocolate cheesecake original cakerie cake slice country harvest bread for silver hills bread for dairyland taste for life laiki laiki simply simply simply ice crackers croquelins au rice crackers craquelins out dairyland dairyland cottage dairyland cottage cheese litsins croustilles baleille வாய cheese cottage cheese dairyland milk products part of their our commitment to delivering fresh why you'll only find canadian milk inside chips laiki rice crackers dairyland cottage cheese explore war laman avoins crime black bean she anto chickpea tuste red lentil almond amandes dair and zevia zevia oat ginger beer peanut burner der no explore cuisine pasta zevia zero calorie soda 6x355ml ginger beer or tonic water 6x222ml so delicious non-dairy frozen dessert dairyland organic or lactose free milk yogurt dkvapec krema bero olkos oikos activia activy activa activa olympic olympic organic oîkos otkos kos krema dobile dikos olympic yogurt oikos greek yogurt oikos greek yogurt activia probiotique smoothie for

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