Quality Foods Flyer - 05/31-06/06/2021 (Page 6)

anniversary quality foods large white or 60% whole wheat kaiser buns alpine bread for sourdough sandwich bread annettes tin ho | | | | | old and land blaces a ranch muffins annette's mini danish grar fly dempsters dempsters dats & honey des art ssang ods cake centre sary resie quinoa multigrain wiele two layer dats & honey decadent chocolate or cookies & creme cake original cakerie cake slice for dempster's bread country harvest bread for for dairyland taste for life beyond met chok nomat beyond burger burger waffle cut gaufrettes canadians have made dairyland milk products part dairyland microfiltered milk! made with 100% canadian milk that stays fresher longer than regular milk beyond meat the beyond burger healthy choice gourmet steamers alexia onion rings 340gr dairyland d dairyland dairyland microfilter micro fatso fatso veggie patty caul crumble sili pepper mpkin seed assofauti black sesame savoury sunflower art fatso high performance peanut butter eve's crackers crackers big mountain meat free products dairyland microfiltered milk 2lt yogurt activia activia activia activy activa activa olympic krema olympic krema olympic krema olympic krema smooth grob imooth activia active probiotics yogurt olympic krema greek style yogurt olympic krema greek style yogurt activia probiotique smoothie for

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