Quality Foods Flyer - 05/24-05/30/2021 (Page 6)

anniversary quality foods cake donuts raisin bread for sunflower & flaxseed bread for cheese & onion buns whole wheat kaiser buns bagels grar clby dempsters dempsters dats & honey சாகடர் தயா art ssang cake centre sary resie quinoa multigrain to whicle dats & honey two layer strawberry truffle cake chocolate eclairs dempster's bread for country harvest bread for for snack factory cerere cond almond breeze preizel crisos thatpel csites happy kinceliac awareness month buy 1 of the following gluten-free products and $0,25 will be donated to the canadian celiac association almond breeze feigel cito canadian cca celiac association alcheese romujer cara me happy celiac awareness month barbaras blue diamond aln snack factory pretzel crisps barbaras almond breeze beverage 2$4 kind gluten free fruit & nut bar barbaras cheez puffs for cheez puffs cheez puffs dad happy celiac awareness & month enlightened nutthins nutthins coedore colore new blue diamond nut-thins califia almond or oat beverage or cold brew coffee enlightened keto frozen dessert barbara's cheez puffs for household otties white swan swan riginal purex purex sponge towels purex scotties sponge towels strono ron ultra supreme salyginkgeles purex white swan napkins scotties tissues spongetowel paper towels for for 8's

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