Quality Foods Flyer - 06/07-06/13/2021 (Page 5)

quality anniversary foods take a dip variety of freshly prepared dips with innovative flavours for every occasion parmesan & artichoke greek yogurt & kale cauliflower & asiago roasted corn & feta continental irish smoked or whiskey thyme maple ham maple lodge farms smoked chicken breast per 100gr continental arbutus farms kitchen dips sunrise for turkey breast per 100gr chinese food select stores only freybe saucisson de bois freybe lulosan class fine liver sausage ace hacheinem saucisson de foie medium fried rice freybe liver sausage black angus aaa roast beef for per 100gr medium vegetable chop suey medium szechuan beef simons sausage rolls simons meat pies bulk chickpeas pois chiches wers dutes dewyautres durses quality foods milk chocolate ju jubes 99€ quality foods pitted dates quality foods roasted hot chick peas quality foods gummi worms candy per 100gr for for for

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