Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 07/15-07/21/2021 (Page 5)

lou's kitchen bistro fully cooked econds shredded pork com meals made easy entirement curt gron lentement porc effiloché mera lou's kitchen taylor pts bistro evetno cute garni gune lanet fully cooked ter shredded beef the castle bearoni pecoensuala becue nomine bauf effiloche antena pc chopped salad kits selected varieties product of u.s.a lou's beef or pork taco kit taylor farms salad kits selected varieties product of u.s.a pls the stelle feta sardo aines bilano boccon tre stelle feta save 1.52 marcangelo italian or breakfast sausage or pork meatballs selected varieties pc world of flavours pork loin chops selected varieties saputo bocconcini friulano selected varieties tre stelle crumbled feta tub barbecue pc bbg or portuguese chicken made in canada from domestic and presidente choice le choixa president case always buy 2 or more barbar iro more barbecue meal kit trousse o repas korean-style stir-fry with rice vegetables and chicken sauté de style coréen avec riz legumes et poulet pay 8.48 ea மே og fra zidn's fearch adhe alicos cock troly ziggy's potato lai pomenten auch ziggy's salads selected varieties from bento family pack sushi selected varieties pc frozen meal kits shoes cheemo kry free marble marbro new made in canada from domestic and imported ingredients perogies tex mex heinz cheemo perogies selected varieties kraft miracle whip spread heinz chili sauce 455 ml selected varieties brigad buy 2 or more save 1.00 miracle whip net we cheese bars shredded cheese 320g or saputo mozzarellissima selected varieties real real chew & cheddar notale torcedoar less than 2 pay 248 ea urnoodles pts mr noodles hellmann's salad dressing selected varieties kraft dinner macaroni & cheese selected varieties sharp cheddar buy 3 or more pc salsa selected varieties hellmann's cheddar fort salsa medium louante save.23 save up to.49 ranch instant noodies selected varieties less than 3 pay 1.78 ea ech partiet cola fc mott's garden cocktail 1.89l or welch's concord grape 1.36l selected varieties pc soft drinks or blue menu sparklig water selected varieties moet welch's garden save up to 1.00 cocktail lime sparkling water

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