Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 06/30-07/07/2021 (Page 5)

cavendish cavendish rise and shine save up to 1.40 cavendish potato patties 1.2kg of fries 2 kg selected varieties frozen simli pts wir med musclete sul meu jumin siclete suitse femei casa avto original mendosa tour tortillas wraps buy 2 or more arlo original wonder wir save.80 casa mendosa or wonder 10 inch tortillas wraps pc wild smoked atlantic or sockeye salmon gos arla cream cheese selected varieties less than 2 pay 3.47 ea san metabs club size scanders publates her bacon ng mastro prosciutto cotto capocollo or san daniele mortadella selected varieties mastro save 2.00 schneiders bacon selected varieties green or red seedless grapes product of mexico no 1 grade blueberries u.s.a or raspberries no.1 grade baked in-store neilson half hálf neilson cream 5% lea whipped cream creamer 400 ml selected varieties real whipped cream save 20 plain croissants plain or cheese croissants pkg of 20 selected varieties farmer's market muffins selected varieties 6's hydra original oasis prora maxwell maxwell house instant coffee 1509 tetley twinings or celestial selected varieties almond breeze ppicana tropicana or simply juice or simply lemonade or gold peak iced tea selected varieties blue diamond almonds non-dairy beverage selected varieties cbgrade allen's apr tetley save 1.00 save.50 antiox allen's apple drink boxes rougemont drink 2l selected varieties simply orange vector maxwell house pb & me powdered peanut butter selected varieties nabob pb&me rise rise organic kombucha selected varieties don buy 2 or more save 2.50 save.50 nabob roast and ground or nabob or maxwell house pods selected varieties kellogg's vector all bran or mini-wheats cereal selected varieties less than 2 pay 4.98 ea greek fairlife fairlife ultrafiltered milk selected varieties weekly offer save 1.20 pc greek yogurt selected varieties mary med naso nesquik nesquik syrup selected varieties chocolate chocolat mini mini uneral save 1.98 egg bites egg biles bumbrae egg bites selected varieties teren dile save 1.00 nesquik euro see back page for flyer details

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