Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 06/24-06/30/2021 (Page 3)

weekend essentials videomaine العالم mauris club size wted ਦੇ ਆਸਾਰ inc farmer's market mini carrots or mann's snap peas marzetti dips selected varieties u.s.a save 2.00 kimberley's frosted cookies pkg of 10 or two-bite mini cupcakes pkg of 12 romaine hearts product of usa spinach dip with pumpernickel and sourdough bread cheese sticks spinach pinards mozzarella souches pour appetizers selected varieties save 1.00 buy any 2 get teal vras joyasi natural top dogs ace optimum original save 5.00 ace bakery gourmet buns optimum maple leaf top dogs joya octopus tentacles jumbo jumbo dr oetkel fays doritos jack links jack links giuseppe teriyaki original pizzeria giuseppe or yes it's pizza crust selected varieties frozen save 1.00 save 2.00 frito lay value size potato chips tortilla chips snack mix or popcorn selected varieties pepperoni jack link's jerky selected varieties fudgside new new! vinta new original cheesy drumstige crispers breyers orec breton all dressed assaisonnés vanilla save 1.00 breyers classic frozen dessert popsicle tubs save up to 3.00 popsicle selected varieties frozen nestlé novelties or drumsticks selected varieties cheez-it keebler christie crispers 1459 crackers selected varieties dare breton crisps or bold'n baked crackers selected varieties club size alcan dorra club glad chng wrap napkins serviettes unique party piñatas selected varieties save 3.00 save 1.50 alcan foll so it non-stick 25 tt glad plastic wrap 60 mor reynolds parchment paper 35ft selected varieties no name napkins soo's banner bannière pts sutes iparty minis smarties unique party sparklers or canada day tableware and accessories selected varieties eh! save 1.50 save 2.00 from nestlé mini bars assorted varieties smarties selected varieties see back page for flyer details

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