Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 09/26-10/02/2019 (Page 4)

club size seal est cut in-store top sirloin grilling steak or roast cut from ontario corn fed canada aaa grade beef self serve tray shrimp ring on it save 2.02 seaquest shrimp rings free from sealuest club size club size shrimp ring couronne de crevettes boneless skinless chicken thighs fresh save 1.50 lb save 4.98 save 1.00 free from pc shrimp platter with mild cocktail seaquest shrimp ring real viral sealquest natural smoked ham jambon fumé nati ideig black foresi save 5.00 marcangelo italian sausage selected varieties seaquest fillets boneless skinless skinless boneless sans peau desarete sustainally sourced save 2.02 made with wild haddock fillets filets d'aiglefin sauvage de source durable msca maple leaf natural smoked ham hier wash me uti chaise fully cooked fully janes ianes cooked cores signature for at cooked white peeled shrimp fillets-filets pub style high liner wild pacific pink salmon fillets frozen pub style chicken nuggets saumon popcorn chicken save up to 5.31 jumbo antes cooked peeled pacific white shrimp esp crevettes sanches du pacifique cuites decortiquees save 6.00 feiter full hd white meat see back page for flyer details

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