Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 11/14-11/20/2019

Real Canadian Superstore
real canadian superstore club size canada aaa or usda choice clementines product of spain marcangelo mild talian doucea litalienne save 3.49 lb kool whet wonder wonder bread hamburger 8's or hot dog buns 8's selected varieties wonder cut in-store boneless blade oven roast cut from canada aaa grade beef or usda choice grade beef marcangelo sausages selected varieties sausage des thin wonder free delissio or kraft miracle whip when you spend $225 or more in-store mars variety pack full size 30 count yardstick 1.5 kg spinach thin & crispy mince et croustillante epinards save up to 1.00 thin crispy mince et croustillante gastroute liracle whip ketchup ism smides pepperoni pc thin crust pizza pc flat bread or delissio thin crust pizza charmin triples ultra soft save 10.00 see our digital flyer for #slam offer 20=60 rolls charmin bathroom tissue

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