Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 06/02-06/08/2022 (Page 4)

anteniplakay pinda's choice ice cream shop banana split whered wine gums gommes au vin pc wine gums or liquorice allsorts selected varieties dipped&chewy house foge & chola tendres et enrobees noe chora fea pc natural cheese slices selected varieties value cha maple flavour miehen saveur d'érable pcⓡ for everything pudent's chai ice cream shop elk crossing pc ice cream shop bars president's choice selected varieties ice cream shep ele crossing waffle buy 2 or more cones less than 2 pay 5.99 ea ice cream map βανανα split pc maple marshmallows over limit pay 3.79 ea pc peanut butter filled pretzels selected varieties wehable bater liquorice allsorts candy sensors assortis ala reglisse pc dipped & chewy bars selected varieties over limit pay 5.49 ea kettle cooked original nature cuites a la marmite broccoli florets reurons de broco havarti cheese 4² over limit pay 4.59 ca nan pa yeanut butter ere d'ac ✔ation club size pc salted or blue menu unsalted roasted pistachios product of u.s.a 69⁹⁹9⁹ alpurna pistad over limit pay 8.99 ea kettle cooked potato chips selected varieties 1⁹ president's choice le chois de prident deluxe cheddar macaron cheese dinner diner macaroni fromage cheddar de luxe pc' frozen vegetables selected varieties 2.⁹9 over limit pay 4.00 ea with real cheddar chee fast aree di fromage cheddar maruivent pc deluxe macand cheese selected varieties pc the ice cream shop ice cream tubs selected varieties akas almonds amandes bolala landa greek grecque see back page for flyer details buy 2 or more less than 2 pay 3.99 ea pc' chocolate covered fruits or nuts selected varieties 7⁹⁹ over limit pay 9.99 ea rate chan greek grecque original lemonade labl 1kg blue menu egg whites 1kg or pc free run eggs 12's babet clow menu egg whites egg whes are fat-free and cholesteral free prints chain money yuzu citrus vint's chri caesar cesar pc' ice cream cones or bowls selected varieties pc the decadent chocolate crepes 100 gor concerto cookies 240g selected varieties 4.⁹9⁹ patat club size 3⁰⁰ pc organics quinoa buy 2 or more less than 2 pay 2.79 ea pc' dressings or vinaigrettes selected varieties product of canada or buy 2 or more 3₁ less than 2 pay 3.99 ea pc blue menu sparkling water pc lemonade selected varieties 24⁹ club pack-format clui organics-biologique quinoa 12⁹9⁹ over limit pay 15.99 ea

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