Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 06/03-06/09/2021 (Page 5)

foodland amed dos fooding straneres frases dom bring on the canadian 4lb bag farmer's market empire or mcintosh apples product of ontario canada fancy grade greenhouse strawberries product of ontario canada no 1 grade foodland club size rostad foodland farmer's market english cucumbers product of ontario rhubarb product of ontario 4549 tomatoes on the vine product of ontario cut from canada aaa beef club size top sirloin grilling steak cut from canada aaa grade beef canadian poultry prime prised on canadian trime maple leaf prime extra lean ground chicken or minced turkey turkey dinde boneless blade roast or steak cut from canada aaa grade beef club size canadian poultry made in canada from ingredients and imported natura smoked hah jamson rumi nas eye of round steak or roast out from canada aaa grade beet schreler club size chicken leg quarters regular or zabiha halal fresh maple leaf or schneiders black forest or original smoked ham selected varieties free from canadian pork canadian seafood canadian seafood club club size pc free from pork centre chops size fresh rainbow trout fillets subject to availability cedar bay applewood cedar planked atlantic salmon made in canada from domestic and made in canada from domestic ingredients product of canada product of canada double change brie meets ziggys feta cheese in kuin rogan boursin ziggy's regulisad wate res no name* bagels or english muffins selected varieties ziggy's salads selected varieties ziggy's feta selected varieties boursin cheese 150 gr pc double cream brie selected varieties | apчм product of canada made in canada from domestic ingredients piller's turkey kolbassa aladinde wonder hamburger or hot dog buns pkg of 8 or bread 6759 piller's kolbassa or pepperoni toppings selected varieties white wonder white wonder piller's kolbassa sausage saucisson squeeze me turkey dindon made in canada from domestic ingredients made in from domestic and imported paws ingredients made in canada from domestic and imported ingredients made in canada from domestic and chocolate sloppy joes whippet milk nutella chocolat save up to.65 save up to.35 save 1.50 voortman turnover cookies or wafers selected varieties dare bear paws cookies or crackers whippet cookies selected varieties club house gravy or seasoning mix selected varieties nutella hazelnut spread see back page for flyer details

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