Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 08/01-08/07/2019 (Page 4)

size club size club size air chilled drumsticks or thighs fresh free from save 4.07 lb pc free from pork shoulder blade steak save.99 club size cut in-store certified angus beef old italian sausage usage pc world of flavours seasoned kebabs selected varieties quchose — certified angus beef top sirloin grilling steak cut from canada aaa grade beef or usda choice grade beef self serve tray saucisse italienne douce sare pe cuire rea italian sausage trime turkey nde prime butcher's choice beef burgers selected varieties beefless sans boeuf original smokies originales butcher's choice le choix du boucher original save 2.01 save up to 2.00 maple leaf ground chicken or minced turkey pc or blue menu smokies selected varieties pc beefless undeniable plant-based burgers see back page for flyer details

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