Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 01/06-01/12/2022 (Page 4)

no name original waffles seper no name no name waffles selected varieties no name orange juice selected varieties der simple honfennom mixed vegetables macédoine de légumes no name apple juice from concen evaporated milk no name frozen vegetables selected varieties no name juice selected varieties no name evaporated milk selected varieties 2104osiolea simple simple som om mixed vegetale viro 200 dome unwetened tromon concentrated orange straight cut comme de coupe reguliere norme medium roast ground coffee juice no name orange juice selected varieties no name roast and ground coffee save.59 simple no name fries or hashbrowns selected varieties nel an ground beer euf haché maigre always at these prices! always wild pink salmon fillets sonon-bonelessi avec peau sans aretes filets de saumon rose sauvage assorted fruit spears product of usa ziggy's ziggys remini swiss suisse always always squid rings or popcorn shrimp ziggy's sliced deli meat or cheese por tour marble marbré waturally imperfect naturellement sarte parfots pc bbq or portuguese chicken ties gedege poaada always buy 2 or more always word poul olley enter ar sonne always no name natural cheese slice selected varieties no name naturally imperfect fruit selected varieties pay 9.48 ea club size popcorn mais souffle pc distilled water distilled always always always always two-bite assorted cupcakes 5689 or chocolate croissants plain croissants 12 mini plain or cheese croissants 20's lected varieties pc chicago mix popcorn sensodyne yan bilo onenes unscented lany wir sensodyne dove body wash dove always always always always pc organics baby food pouches selected varieties pc 6x wipes scented or unscented sensodyne fresh mint whitening or multi-action value size toothpaste selected varieties seeback page for flyor details rcss3

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