Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 05/26-06/01/2022 (Page 3)

mediterranean polet's choice & pude kofta beef meatballs goulettes de boeuf kefta za'atar hummus zahtar khubz sangher wescue car pulit can yuzu citrus agrume yuzu yuzu citrus chicken bites michay ch everything summer pcⓡ for only here dent's chan purifets chaise vender lemonade flavoured ice pops raspberry hibiscus flavoured ice pops 6x60 ml vatte chan pomegranate lemonade perfectly purple berry aca redes clan edustune grilled ready veggie egoplant aubergine legumes rapides grillés pc moroccan shakshuka cooking sauce buy 2 or more less than 2 pay 3.99 ea pc organics coffee kombucha laisser hummus zahtar causkie barbari pc khubz middle eastern- style pita buy 2 or more less than 2 pay 2.99 ea pc hibiscus glaze with white condiment 3.9⁹⁹ pribe chan yuzu citrus japanese-style cheesecake gateau au fromage style japonais agrume yetu aran 11.⁹⁹ turkish spices epices turques pc black label turkish spices consule yuzu citrus agrume yuzu yuzu citrus chicken wings selected varieties aleppo pepper piment d'ale pc kofta beef meatballs 7.9⁹⁹9 pc barbari flatbread buy 2 or more less than 2 pay 2.99 ea pc za'atar hummus chickpea dip and spread 3⁹9⁹ 5.9⁹⁹9 black label aleppo pepper 5.9⁹⁹ pc yuzu citrus cheesecake badcla la re shakshuka chakchouka & organics biologugut kombucha pembent's chris sencha matcha yuzu gitrus yuzu citris agrume yuu 14.⁹⁹ see back page for flyer details 2.⁹9 over limit pay 3.49 ea pc yuzu citrus tea selected varieties black label yuzu citrus hot sauce selected varieties 34⁹ kendricks mange black label smoky bourbon meat rub 909 smoky bourbon rub epices fumees a frotter au bourbon bourbon band pc lavender lemonade or raspberry hibiscus flavoured ice pops selected varieties money yuzu citrus pc₁ pomegranate lemonade 24⁹ pc perfectly purple blueberry açai smoothie blend 4.⁹⁹9 pc® grilled ready veggie eggplant buy 2 or more less than 2 pay 4.99 ea yuzu pc sauvignon blanc dealcoholized wine with natural flavour 5.9⁹⁹ pc honey yuzu citrus lemonade selected varieties 1.89l 24⁹

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