Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 05/26-06/01/2022 (Page 4)

cedar excesse banch kutsika constant pidets chain & pu pork and smoky bagon skewers schoemeltevare heledantys brochettes porc bacon fume cedar en cedre kettle corn mais cuit à la marmite pc' popcorn selected varieties optimum member price non-member price 299⁰⁰ car pc tritan stemless glass selected varieties budite cla 1kg 5 ees salle everything summer canadian seafood from pc grilling cedar planks selected varieties old-fashioned style bacon tranches extra-épaiss purple kernel graing mauves 27⁹ babe chan pizza oven pc salad dressing selected varieties buy 2 or more less than 2 pay 2.99 ea pc stainless steel stemless tumblers selected varieties 9⁰⁰ garden sto leonnet www pc' garden stix 1429 or tortilla chips selected varieties pc pork and smoky bacon skewers pc old fashioned style bacon 1kg over limit pay 16.99 ea tortilla angering pizza mozzarella shredded cheese selected varieties 54⁹ pc 1 gallon water bottle selected varieties 14.⁹⁹ pc infusion pitcher seleced varieties pcⓡ for only here creamy white wine sauce pei mussels mouleshlíðë sauce crémeuse au vin blanc 9.⁹9⁹ free from implement bon undglass-foam behine auctiune-et preaches tenderloin steaks biftecks filet made in canada from domestic imported and ingredients ice pop mould moules à sucettes places mould selected varieties pc lemonade selected varieties pc roasted peanuts selected varieties member price 19⁰⁰* non-member price 29⁰⁰ laurinde pc soft grip pizza wheel 9.99⁹ 5⁰⁰ ent serge pc produce keeper boxed set over limit pay 3.29 ea 3.⁹⁹9 pc belgian cookies selected varieties pc soft grip pizza peel pizza dough pate a pizza made in canada from domestic and imported ingredients pc teas selected varieties pc italian tipo "00" flour pizza dough life at home™ resort beach towels selected varieties catre bagate pc pei mussels in creamy white wine sauce 10⁹⁹ pc free from beef tenderloin steaks blueberries valued up to 6.99 ea 2.⁹9⁹ over limit pay 3.29 ea chocolate chocolate toffee chunk 24⁹ ark of 14,⁹⁹€ free

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