Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 11/19-11/25/2020 (Page 5)

shop pc holiday hits pe presidente choice pc natural choice turkey or chicken breast deli service case sliced selected varieties or also pre-packaged for $4.98 president i choice president i charice hulin pc rich and cane or chocolate egg nog spena rich & cr hummus rich & creamy candy cane egg nog egg pc dips or hummus selected varieties pc or free from bacon selected varieties laya candy cane mozzarella case pc kaki persimmons product of spain no.1 grade candy pc candy cane cane ice bars 6's selected varieties frozen buy 2 or more place gore pc hors d'oeuvres selected varieties kaki per comments less than 2 pay 7.98 ea gourmet west coast dark gaufornia stages siashes lifornia pc salted menu unsalted pistachios product of usa pc peanuts selected varieties polos pc roast and ground coffee selected varieties pc organics baby spinach field greens or spring spinach product of us.a juice juice pineapple #slam offers juice selected pc orange juice lemonade or tea selected varieties gcb cooked-cuites pc cooked or raw white peeled shrimp save 4.02 ecoce dark chocolat chocolate noir puded decemque pacific white shrimp crevettes blanches du pacifique pc family chocolate bars selected varieties lable toasted coconut chocial noix de coco grille wer for pc optimum members only free from sausage kimplement ron cola pc soft drinks or blue menu sparkling water selected varieties selected varieties dias sep menu sparkling water optimum non-member price member price club size beton golara mentre res almonds amandes one only picable to vald pc cations which the cowl be the same for both pc optimum and non pc omum members membership is the supost de bergholt econhece amount to court customers on dinius we do not match pc ocimum member prang serba pagsforiyer tale pc dark chocolate mint thins chocolate covered nuts and fruits

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