Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 06/09-06/15/2022 (Page 5)

pts during our loads of points event back in points that's like $120 buy any optimum when you buy any of the following castello havarti jalapeno castro arla cheese 200g or castello cheese lamit www selected varieties prosciutto bund fre charcuterie trio get pillers tappinge optimum casa mendosa casa mendosa tortillas selected varieties get banana bananis farmer's market loaf cakes optimum ¡ögo iögo optimum iö iö diögo iögo siggi's creamy skyr skyrà la crème vanilla namon cannille optimum delft gold seal wild sardines sauvages in soya dil triple barnd tortillas cuttes trom for optimum give msc original casin or gold seal sardines 125g selected varieties optimum get optimum optimum iögo creamy or country harvest yogurt selected varieties 54⁹ winnia siggis simple in yra ingredient sky ingrédients simples strawberry fram ocean's flaked light tuna in mayer siggi's skyr yogurt selected varieties msc chopped crispy caesar cesar croquante hachee optimum swift premium ham see back page for flyer details optimum hall keuric tim hortons in salmin castello danish blae cheel original blend melange original the com optimum litehouse litehouse caesar homestyle ranch maison cesar optimum ace for every $6+ spent on ace buns are deducted in a single transaction of ony real canadian superstore location you will eom the points indicated product optimum keuric heuris ethically sourced van houtte mccafe van houtte mccafe or timothy's pods wwcompagy sources ethiques original house blend seven folle melange de la maison selected varieties safe premium roast 33⁹9⁹ starbucks torrefaction pike place tim hortons or starbucks woast pods selected varieties pieces reese minis hershey's or reese's chocolate bags keuric swift 3.⁹9⁹ no stwor sang bing chopped chipotle ranch ranch au chipotle hachee optimum pc chop salad kits product of u.s.a 4.⁹9 litehouse salad dressings selected varieties product of usa 9.⁹9⁹

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