Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 07/29-08/04/2021 (Page 3)

long weekend ready free from club size pork back ribs - cotes de dos de porc evento smoky bbq bbg tum swiss rotisseries neintanas pc free from pork side ribs nontanas bbq bar cotes de dos de porc baked in-store mm bb t2 tellefshe bene eddauka erosi gigantico turun pain save.51 texas hamburger or hot dog buns selected varieties swiss chalet or montana's bbq pork ribs save.40 gigantico hamburger buns bach the decadent schneiders jumbos muut japanese style cheesecake gâteau au fromage style japonais olar tare carburende juicy sle decadent save up to 2.00 free from sausage selected varieties schneiders wieners selected varieties pc the decadent chocolate chip cookie pie 733 zi28ys club size size fresh ready made salads selected varieties boursin ziggy's garlich fine tzatzik teater save 2.00 save.50 ziggy's large salads selected varieties boursin cheese selected varieties pc hummus or dips selected varieties kraft num no name sans nom hellmann's real vraie kraft salad dressing selected varieties hellmann's mayonnaise selected varieties no name regular ripple cut potato chips croustilles ondulées nature kraft french française buy 2 or more sour cream less than 2 pay 278 ea & onion flavour potato crisps simple simple mon cheddar cheddar sale diana sauce selected varieties diane sauce buy 2 or more save 52 genel no name slices processed cheese product selected varieties no name' potato chips selected varieties less than 2 pay 2.78 ea jumbo lipton tin club size ctivia hortons jack links neilson neilson flavoured milk lor cream 473 ml chocolate selected varieties teriyaki danone go! or activia smoothie selected varieties yellow label tea moothie meilson save.61 save 2.00 talehall tim hortons instant or lipton tea selected varieties jack link's selected varieties club size starbucks iced coffee or stok cold brew coffee selected varieties stök estea fruitopia peace tea beverages selected varieties pc deluxe mixed nuts selected varieties او الهش اندکی با اعلام الاكة cold brew offee enor save 1.00 deluxe mixed nuts save 3.00 finitopia regu care we de luxe strawberry see back page for flyer details

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