Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 05/06-05/12/2021 (Page 4)

get grill ready butcher's choice le choix du boucher original che smokies certified angus beef mesurgersers og er butcher's choice burgers pc smokies selected varieties pc certified angus beef top sirloin steak romain canadian seafood rust club size club size பட்ட canadian cove fresh mussels 9079 or live atlantic mussels 2 lb subject to availability vidalia onions or farmer's market baking potatoes canada canada no.1 grade farmer's market sweet corn product of u.s.a sweet peppers product of mexico romaine hearts product of u.s.a tarulmasi odosition wonder baked in-store ballk times pinge wonder pallpaper wonder ballpark hamburger or hot dog buns selected varieties texas hamburger or hot dog buns selected varieties farmer's market pie selected varieties club house blends or la grille seasoning rubs 200 ml selected varieties miracle whip stiak biftek the keg diana sauce soo ml or french's mustards selected varieties heinz ketchup lor miracle whip selected varieties cajun frenchs save up to 2.29 save 3.00 yellow jheinzz ketchup keg steak chicken and ribs seasoning saude cheddar slices hellmann's real vrani gay lea sour cream or save 1.00 save 1.00 gay lea sour cream selected varieties black diamond slices processed cheese product selected varieties pc or blue menu' salad dressing croutons 1409 selected varieties hellmann's mayonnaise selected varieties mas tropicana fruit beverage lemonade or pure leaf iced tea selected varieties organic molson sul inican organic nawan pure leaf save 2.00 save up to.50 beer mill street original organic lager glauberry blueberry mure et bleueta tropicana save 1.25 beer molson canadian teles pup! s.pelleorino light bud light mango bud light mango can deposit cans beer yup light lager deposit cans yup! mid kool-aid san pellegrino essenza sparkling water 8x355ml or perrier & juice sparkling save up to 1.00 kool-ald drink mixes selected varieties fruit beverages selected varieties see back page for flyer details

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