Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 05/06-06/02/2021

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our garden centre is now open real canadian superstore get creative! build your own planters black cedar mulch.pailis de obdre noir square rattan planter 22x16 inches it's as easy as dropping your planter into mulch to fill it up or try creating your own patio pot design the filler - pc super gigantico sunpatiens or dipladenia the spiller - trailing lysmachia or pc gigantico verbena simple yet gives colour and hangs over the pots nicely use 2 pots do not use top soil or tip triple mix for planters since they have less drainage black&decker scoop when planting! chelsea planter 28x16 inches durable and made to last for years outdoors all year round product of canada gigantico gigantico annunta sigantico herbs recycle your pots for points! we recycle by shipping empty pots may 6 - june 18 back to the greenhouse where they recycle your pots for points are compacted plastic is shredded to make pellets which are used to make new pots and flats over 8 million pounds have already for every empty pot or flat you return been recycled! optimum