Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 03/25-03/31/2021 (Page 5)

club size club size big on fresh box nadorcott mandarins product of morocco nadorcott beauties bagged avocado product of mexico club size club size mais suere peet cantaloupe product of guatemala or honduras no.1 grade farmer's market sweet corn product of u.s.a clamshell strawberries product of u.s.a cauliflower product of u.s.a easter spring bouquet in grab and go vase hydrangea assorted colours in 8 inch pot club salami size wto chaleo swedish stampede suédoises from or blue menu meatballs selected varieties splendido antipasto or prosciutto natural choice or assorted trio 4009 barbecue or stampede pork ribs fully cooked soos san daniele prosciutto genoa salami 375 selected varieties club size baked in-store olweert claver beef chuck short ribs plain croissants pkg of 12 mini plain or cheese croissants pkg of 20 selected varieties olivieri fresh or sauce selected varieties sear quest acesi se quest club size banaka khr cab ford wild salman detrahe royal seaquest flavoured alaska pollock seaquest pollock basa or sole fillets frozeted varieties ace bake your own white or garlic demi- baguette butter croissant focaccia pull apart selected varieties farmer's market loaf cakes 390 g or simple joys loaf cakes selected varieties president's choice gluten free vanilla gupcakes vanille hamburger hot dog chocolate roare our pc® gluten-free products are certified gluten-free by the canadian celiac serving them to your family uten save 1.00 gluten-free cupcakes selected varieties gluten-free buns selected varieties adana barang carnaval oro story pc gluten-free mini brownies selected varieties mini brownies save up to 1.50 pc gluten- free muffins pkg of 6 or selected varieties gluten-free cake selected varieties goo gluten-free bread selected varieties see back page for flyer details

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