Real Canadian Superstore XMAS 2021 Flyer - 11/18-11/24/2021 (Page 4)

set party starters seaquest shrimp ring with sauce 10°c allbacken post nature maple leaf natural shredded chicken or turkey 12" fresh pizza selected varieties sopim party mix blue diamoni smokehouse bout jack links original depsi doprosi evian optimum for every $10' spent on pepsi spring water or rockstar energy save up to.99 humpty dumpty snacks old dutch popcorn twists 1759 selected varieties atelie jack link's lorissa's kitchen jerky diamond almonds 1709 selected varieties megy alles before polls and all of our doors optimum posredemption or single transaction of any ros conodion superstore location you will on the porta indicated product willymoy club size ristorante pataspiraci fruitopia nestea minute maid or peace tea beverages selected varieties berbeda oddar wecity coca-cola or pepsi soft drinks selected varieties save 42 save .98 save 1.65 nestea pepsi no name perogies selected varieties ristorante or casa di mama pizza selected varieties cole cola low sodium the home bar club soda soft drinks selected varieties pc or blue menu cranberry or vegetable cocktail curry vegetable life at home* bar cart broue blonde sparkling water ginger biere desalcoolisee para ne beer ginger ginger beer jamaican style ginger beer ginger sonte save 1.49 pc de- alcoholized beer selected varieties sparkling water selected varieties mulling spices epicesa vin chaud aurent risesamente lemona ginger pc black sicilian soda label lemon soda sicuen citrone gingembre & ginger sicilian soda ford pc black label lemon sour mix black label mulling spices pc black label amarena cherries in flavoured syrup see back page for flyer details

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