Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 02/25-03/03/2021 (Page 2)

brand slam proudly ours club size club size format club le choir & pricidat vegetable lasagna lasagne légumes cohesh canada spinach ecla thin & crispy mince et croustillante epinards cook thoroochenere caramelized onion flatbread pain plat oignons carameses save up to .50 pronet sealt route or cabbage rolls ea pc or blue menu thin & crispy or flatbread pizza marble roochee wirowage 100 marbré och banana split ine greek yogurt selected varieties save up to 1.20 save 1.00 save.30 pc ice pc organics cream shop ice cream milk no name par selected varieties selected varieties cheese string san homo greek mandarin oranges ck turtle beans radiots noirs bone broth chicken pontot bouillon d'os pc chicken bone broth squeeze no name drinks selected varieties peach no name fruit bowls in syrup or pc squeeze presse save 1.10 save .48 save .88 apple save 48 of pc appletreet cups 64 selected varieties pc blue menu' beans or soup mix selected varieties macho hazelnuts chocol noisettes dark chocolate chocolat noir pc 100% pure maple syrup baby de picke shaple syrup save 2.09 no name chocolate bar selected varieties no name pickles ilor vinegar 44 selected varieties pc organics large brown eggs 30' kettle cooked sparkling loads of all dressed pleines de assaisonnée facial tissues mouchoirs cuites tu marmite blonde brew no name facial tissue spring water halog save 1.00 pc potato chips selected varieties blue menu or flavoured sparkling water selected varieties pc de- alcoholized or wine 750 ml selected varieties made in canada from domestic and imported ingredients que no tax organics biologique beberry douce et blevet pc organics baby food pouches selected varieties all week life life life brand epsom ufe salts life brand antiseptic or antibacterial mouthwash selected varieties and bacter arbacoa denture cleanser double action epsom salts sel d'epsom life brand denture cleansers 96's interdental brushes 10's cf dental flossers 150's selected varieties denture cleanser always save up to 2.00 overnight see back page for flyer details

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