Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 02/13-02/19/2020 (Page 4)

club size free from simplement bony pork porc rita air chilled pc free from chicken drumsticks or thighs club size pepperonnera dites douches de prea au pepperon pepperoni pizza bites or chicken fries selected varieties always cecoen fries frites de pou tray lean ground beef pc free from pork tenderloin fresh club glub pagio pormat glub size chicken hot dogs.saucisses fumées poulet no name chicken wieners club pack non fresh steelhead trout fillets from the service availability pc free from pork back ribs fresh sans nom canadian seafood barbecue ser ostent portuguese live atlantic lobster subject to availability barbecue always buy 2 or more pc bbq or portuguese chicken pay 9.48 ea club size mozzarella club size saputo cocktail bocconcini mehmet parmesan saputo parmesan petals saputo save up to 1.00 save up to 1.30 ches save up to 1.02 goat's milk bocconc locataik mozzarella ball de chevre son arnette molle d'italiano original d'italiano buns pkg of 4-8 or bread selected varieties d'italiano save up to .80 dbigthal pc goat cheese log selected varieties pc topped hummus selected varieties oldmill viess pain blank damu vietos hotute buy any 2 get casa mendosa tortillas casa mendosa tortillas selected varieties sunt ace bakery baguette bagels or biscuits selected varieties.4's old mill bread selected varieties optimum biguette bacel offer va hudy blueber beets chocolat bakerstreet cakes farmer's market muffins see back page for flyer details

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