Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 02/18-02/24/2021 (Page 2)

from donded and imestic foodid naturally imperfect canadian naturellement faits no name naturally imperfect apples product of fontario canada commercial grade club size canadian beef club size fodind sic product of canada axici wed asante cap off rib grilling steak cut from canada aaa grade beet farmer's market mini cucumbers or pc' axiany cherry tomatoes 6819 product of ontario canada no.1 grade bag farmers market or yellow potatoes product of canada canada no.1 grade made in canada from domestic and canadian seafood canadian seafood schneiders schneiders smoked ham leaf natural smoked selected varieties onional man aroma fement duis de fier natural smoked ham jambon fume naturel ortal cedar bay applewood cedar planked atlantic salmon atlantic lobster tails frozen and thawed for your canadian pork canadian poultry made in canada and ingredients farmer's market cookies selected varieties club size pc free from pork shoulder blade steaks fresh club size pc fre from or sufra halal chicken drumsticks or thighs fresh 6° d'italiano product of canada made in canada from ingredients product of canada product of canada natural rections d'italiano load pc goat cheese log de des buy 2 or more maple leaf natural selections deli meat selected varieties original d'italiano bread selected varieties old mill bread selected varieties less than 2 pay 278 ea tes de maint club size club size foodland white blancs big on fresh pc whole white or cremini mushrooms product of ontario romaine hearts product of u.s.a club size club size club size istrator ora peppers poivrons dux pkg farmer's market sweet peppers product of mexico farmer's market navel oranges product of spain club size tulips assorted colours avocado product of mexico blueberries product of chile or mexico see back page for flyer details

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