Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 02/11-02/17/2021 (Page 11)

cas angie's boom chicka pop popcorn feel-good choices save .50 angie's maple crest organic maple syrup boom = chicka save 2.00 neste sea salt popcorn maïs éclaté au sel marin the original 100% pure organic maple syrup real simple ingredients ingredients simples et vrais niple cres sark atmond & organics biologique quick oats gruau rapide silk abe great for babing as in we almond silk almond unsweetened beverage 6x 946 ml pc organics quick oats 1kg unsweetened original save.50 dai non gmo forect verified daiya nature's love crunch love path organic crunch skinny pop mini cakes plant based cheercare au fauxmage love crunch granola selected varieties popcorn save 1.00 save.50 save 1.00 skinny pop popcom mini cakes selected varieties dalya dairy free cheezecake selected varieties glutino laiki salt spring tld tici gluta ice crackers croquelins au rte coffee salt spring organic whole bean coffee selected varieties gen bob's red mill gluten-free rolled oats organic hemp seed 3409 selected varieties wewe save 5.00 hemp seed gluing save up to 1.00 sumatra glutino gluten free loaf 369 gor english muffins 480g selected varieties frozen lalki rice crackers selected varieties apple hardbite sea salt pukka three ginger pukka turmeric gold selde mer hardbite hardbite potato chips selected varieties pukka organic tea selected varieties pkg of 20 save up to 1.00 organics appletreet 6x100 ml or chocolate selected varieties rock salt selemme eclif naraaa rileo bv bv smart sweets vega protein vega protein and greens drink mix selected varieties vega protein carabao clif nut butter filled bars 12x50 gr larabar protein bars selected varieties smart sweets candy selected varieties save 4.00 see back page for flyer details rcss 11

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