Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 11/28-12/04/2019

Real Canadian Superstore
real canadian seapeanadian free guaranteed lowest prices when you spend $250 or more in-store fresh atlantic salmon portions $30.00 value young turkey show us a lower advertised price on an identical item and we'll match it* jeune dindon see back page for details canadian seafood pork tenderloin cryovac package real canadian superstore foodland gradec farmer's market russet or yellow onions since onlyi robin hood friday qached & pre-sifte esifted enriched all purpose flour thaileta chei old fashion bacon rest of the week original save 5.20 old fashion style natural smoked bacon l'ancienne fumo naturalement robin hood all purpose flour over limit pay 13.98 ea tool campbells highline [email protected] wild callit sus high liner pan fear haddock tattomate ons hoste grains yurt oats & hone campbell's tomato cream of mushroom vegetable or chicken noodle soup selected varieties campbells gaanse tsl honey country harvest bread selected varieties optimum haters melange royale original rolls royale velour bathroom tissue tim hortons roast and ground coffee selected varieties save 2.00 velow real canadian natural spring water tim horto notax proudly canadun rcss 1e

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