Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 04/15-04/21/2021 (Page 9)

big brands low prices source yoplait source delissio delissio rising crust pizzeria or garlic bread pizza selected varieties liberté delissio save.50 rlic bread in a l'ail ideen rising leve pepperoni yoplait source or creamy pkg of 16 of liberté mediterranee 9009 selected varieties pepperoni stouffers dinn climates nature valley sweet & salty cavendish clowniques fibre1 cavendish alo breakfast delights lemon nola dark chocolate nut or nature valley bars selected varieties buy 2 or more save.52 cavendish premium fries or breakfast potatoes selected varieties stouffer's diner classics selected varieties less than 2 pay 2.98 ea rele whole gren original family size format familiale philadelphia ini lucky charms cheerios gram of sugar general mills family size cereal selected varieties peace tea iced tea selected varieties peladeiphia jest peace peace philadelphia cream cheese product dips 2279 selected varieties ter inc royale royale velour bathroom tissue selected varieties royale tiger zero sugar velour save 2.00 save 4.00 vitamin water with water glaceau vitaminwater selected varieties vitamin water royale tiger towels get optimum product of canada rue double caramel etre se renee's gourmet dressings or dips optimum ber & jerry's retelis och ben & jerry's ice magnum ice get war hidegen ders optimum magen optimum get pts pts häagen-dazs or nestlé ice cream optimum pls bounty frot lops optimum for every $10' spent on kellogg's cereal rice krispies gain bounty vide pcos 3.100 all varieties and sizes for may 50 pert on el arte ord som before create somers and other of the couporadcounts or pc optimusports reemptons are dedicated in a single rotation storyl conodien superstore location you can the porno indicated productosbay may vary by we were not obligated to gward points boned on apriets or bounty paper towels 8=24 rolls selected varieties optimum pts optimum cracker barrel for every $8 spent on all skittles or starburst candy skittles original for every $15 spent on cracker barrel cheese vary by i de portoned or location you come posted destroy wary by store wood toward points bedrooms see back page for flyer details

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