Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 07/30-08/05/2020 (Page 5)

posrege und viele nate big on fresh green or red seedless grapes bartlett pears product of argentina tarmer's marki deces butache clementines clementines farmer's market clementines or lemons product of south africa or no name naturally imperfect limes product of mexico optimum claries pes live lettuge monitore laitue vivante outzunits cherries product of u.s.a no.1 grade clamshell blueberries product of canada & ca club size live lettuce trio trio de laitue vivante average red mango case product of mexico whole pineapple product of costa rica pc live lettuce red or trio product of canada mevcan vor06 certified sustainable seafo00 m5c cater crec pc world of flavours marinated frenched pork chops selected varieties jerk fresh haddock or cod fillets subject to availability aquastan raw crues club size cooked»cuites king crab crabe royal list paties aquastar king crab legs & claws pc certified angus beef extra lean ground beef zipperback white raw pacific shrimp 31-40 of pink salmon fillets 2 per bag pc cooked peeled large pacific white shrimp frozen fresh non gmo project verified casa main street deli ace mendose ter toutillos main street deli coro casa mendosa tortillas selected varieties schneiders main street deli meat selected varieties baker street cakes selected varieties baguette bagel ziggy's double cream brie cheese ziggy's always double creme brie ace bakery baguette baguette bagels 4's selected varieties ziggy's cooked or smoked chicken del service case sliced see back page for flyer details

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