Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 10/29-11/04/2020 (Page 16)

real canadian superstore happy diwali nanak mango rasmalai opo squash product of the dominican republic delicious indulgence for mango lovers made with real alphonso mangoes nanak rasmalai nursion facts valeur nutritive nanak paneer soon vehetarian uosta cilantro maso nanak paneer feodland suras naan bag farmer's market red onions product of ontario canada no.1 grade suraj naan original or garlic frontier vegetarian cookies 2009 or rusk cake selected varieties red mango product of brazil optimum pts optimum ality alphonso mango pulp tamarins maggi sauce selected varieties frooti frooti mango juice quality quality alphonso or kesar mango pulp selected varieties basmati rice riz basmati optimum suraj mango aroy-d coconut milk shane porn shana paratha or lacha paratha selected varieties frozen lait de coca suraj juice selected varieties aroy-d coconut milk selected varieties quality basmati rice zinda maggi sky halles couscous yippee needle auchenek indien sunfest yippeel or maggi masala noodles skyflakes crackers zinda couscous selected varieties rcss 16

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