Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 05/27-06/02/2021 (Page 4)

insiders report make it new this summer chorizo free from sausage selected varieties buy 2 or more vegetable spring rolls baker legumes nen pc spring rolls selected varieties less than 2 pay 5.98 ea brioche crose huise grilling bartin brewers monetti brevettis chemise gigantico pc brioche burger buns loaf 4009 pc grilling shrimp gigantico burger buns b's foodland staches forne california makan pc salted or blue menu unsalted pistachios product of usa loads of qarlio caesar plein de césar a l'ail ranch chupoane pc salad kits selected varieties product of u.s.a dcloone gosan pc axiany or mixiany tomatoes product of ontario canada no.1 grade club size bon titom nielement bon brust die back rust the jabu pc free from deli meat or pepperellos selected varieties goat's milk de chevr pc goat cheese log selected varieties splendido fresh pasta selected varieties pc or blue menu croutons 1409 or salad dressing selected varieties pc real brewed tea or orange juice selected varieties general tao butter pouler chicken géneral tao buy 2 or more pc butter chicken or general tao entrées less than 2 pay 2.17 ea dark chocolate cabo chocolat nor nut millet lunced cal cijous de-alcoholized beer selected varieties hazelnuts noisettes blonde brew save 1.51 save up to 2.02 de-alcoholized lager beer onusssacad chocolate bars pc chocolate covered nuts or fruits selected varieties so calories per can purple licere dos mets soon garoos one meson kettle mais.cuit marmite save up to 31 buy 2 or more pc popcorn selected varieties garden stix selected varieties less than 2 pay 2.77 ea grad save 1.50 pc peanut butter filled pretzels selected varieties peanut butter frete enrettels avec beurre d'araorde ea dark chocolate cluster see back page for flyer details

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