Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 05/27-06/02/2021 (Page 5)

club size headland deut evleriga couers concombres angis bring on the canadian farmer's market english cucumbers foodland wego club size foodland product of canada cars bos no namestnanom bag farmer's market red or yellow potatoes product of canada naturally imperfect naturellement imparfaits beefsteak tomatoes product of ontario ficheur tous les formes foodland no name naturally imperfect apples asparagus product of ontario canada no.1 grade size cut from canadian poultry club size aaa beef pc free fromboneless skinless chicken breast made in canada canadian seafood from and import nicy jumbos schneiders wieners sausage 3759 selected varieties fresh atlantic salmon portions selected availability or atlantic lobster tails frozen or thawed for your selected varieties cap off rib steak cut from canada aaa grade beet canadian seafood made in canada made in canada from domestic made in canada from from and in ziggy's imported ans sud pepperoni fresh pickerel fillets subject to availability club size ziggy's sliced pepperoni ziggy's beef selected varieties del service case farmer's market cookies selected varieties வபாம் baked in-store quaker made in canada from domestic and imported ingredients product of canada made in canada from domestic imported ingredients harvest crunch original விsha grain breads selected varieties save up to 1.50 old mill bread white or whole quaker cereal selected varieties dipps quaker made in canada from domestk and imported ingredients product of canada made in canada from domesti and imported ingredients maple & brown sugar chewy kraft miracle whip spread hellmann's mayonnaise selected varieties hellmann's original real vraie mayonne miracle whip save up to 1.30 save.50 quaker oatmeal selected varieties quaker dipps or chewy bars selected varieties see back page for flyer details

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